Medical Writer (Healthcare Consultancy) £30k to 40k, London

Medical Writer Healthcare Consultancy.
From Medical Devices to Consumer & Ethical (Rx)

Medical Writer Healthcare Consultancy

What’s the big deal about the Health Consultancy bit of the equation  ?

Reading the Pharma marketing press it’s clear that many clients want 2 things from the same vendor –  strategic insight + slick execution of the deliverables.  The Consultancy Team get the strategic insights into what patients with a disease really feel  – in other words how does the illness truly impact their daily lives. This insight informs the execution of communication campaigns.

Execution of the strategy is where the Communications Agency bit fits in.

Here the delivery of the strategy is via Medical Education, Healthcare PR, or Brand Promotion. All of this underpinned with creative direction from the in-house studio.

So what does this mean for you as Medical Writer ?

It means that while you’re primarily working on Medical Education materials such as articles, slide decks, and training modules you also get to write scientific content to support the PR & Brand Promotion teams. Further the benefits of engaging with colleagues across specialisms enhances your learning, and ignites creativity.  

Is the work for a global audience or the local UK market ?

This Health Consultancy & Comms agency has both covered. You’ll sometimes focus on projects aimed purely at our wonderful NHS. At other times it will be worldwide domination for your Medical Information Website.

… And what about the clients … what’s the mix ?

Glad you asked, it’s a wonderful mix. As well as Pharma & Biotech there is Medical Devices, Government / Public Health, Medical Societies, Patient Advocacy Groups, and Consumer Healthcare (OTC).

Will I engage with the clients ?

Oh yes indeed. This is a place for a Medical Writer who loves a chin-wag about the Effectiveness of a drug or device. And don’t forget the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) – you’ll sometimes present to a group of MSL’s about the key messages & the data (what’s the collective noun for a group of MSL’s .. umm.. one to ponder..). Of course we must mention your Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) – you’ll give them constructive feedback on their slides.

What about scientific congress etc ..?

They’ll be back to physical meetings one day and when they are you shall go the ball! After-all by attending the scientific meetings  you get to support speakers, and get down & dirty with data & clinical developments.  

And.. how about the disease areas you’ll be writing about ?

There’s plenty going on here. There’s the “usual” big-hitters of Oncology, Cardiovascular, & Haematology. And in addition there is the smaller areas such as Rare diseases. The means therefore that you choose to focus or you can choose to variety.

Just one more thing many medical writers in the team ?

You’ll be writer number 10. It’s a very pleasant close knit group. There’s 500+ busy bees in the building overall which means  a lively atmosphere for you to enjoy.

If you’re ready to send your CV the please do – APPLY NOW 

However if you want to know more then do please READ ON …

Medical Writer Healthcare Consultancy

Here’s the skills & experience we need you to bring with you :

  • At least 1 year of experience working as a Medical Writer (you’ll be ready for your next challenge and have a broad idea how this wonderful industry works)
  • While you’ll work from traditional clinical trial data you will also apply data from evidence-based research and therefore some experience of Real World Evidence is ideal (RWE is what we’re talking about)
  • Educated to higher degree level in life sciences (after-all we need you to know get your head around the data)

How to Apply :

The position is immediately available. Do not delay in applying.

Send your CV now.

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