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What others say about George Buckland Ltd :

“George is an exceptional recruiter. 
He always takes the time to thoroughly understand a role he is recruiting for, and as a result the candidates he selects are always of a high standard – there is always a very high success rate for candidates interviewed. 
He is also an absolute pleasure to work with, and any problems get dealt with very smoothly. 
George makes any recruitment very slick and easy, and I’ve met some excellent new colleagues through him.”

“George is a rare breed of recruiter who is a pleasure to work with. He has taken the extra time to really understand our corporate culture as well as our specific recruitment needs. I know when he puts a candidate forward for a position, that they will be worth serious consideration.”

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George Buckland leads on all Job Orders – whether for a Permanent or Temporary Job – George takes the initial briefing from the hiring manager or internal recruiter.
This process is a consultative process because no two briefs are the same.

What a job brief captures :

  • Background to the decision to make the hire.
  • When is the hire needed (urgency of the role).
  • The day to day activity of the vacant position.
  • What is essentials skills and experience the candidate must bring to the table.
  • What desirable skills and experience will make a candidate stand-out.
  • Value the Candidate is expected to bring to the position.
  • Reporting structure within the business.
  • Mentoring available within the team.
  • Management style within the team and the wider business.
  • Training opportunity within the business.
  • Culture of the workplace – including dress code.
  • Personal development opportunity.
  • Intellectual and other challenges offered.
  • International and National travel required.
  • Remuneration and Benefits package.

Practical points to consider when commencing a recruitment process :

  • Is the position confidential?
  • Are candidates required to provide a Motivational Cover Letter alongside their CV?
  • Do you only accept application forms and not CVs?
  • Is a closing date in place and you’ll review all applications upon close or are should CVs be submitted as and when successfully screened by George Buckland?
  • Who is responsible for receiving CVs and what contingency is in place if the person is unavailable?
  • How quickly can you review and feedback on submitted CVs?
  • When do you plan to interview?
  • What is your interview process – example – will you give a test of some sort? how many rounds do you plan? what staff members will form the interview panel? how will you collate feedback?

Ideally we put in place agreed time-lines as regards all of these practical points so that all runs smoothly.

George Buckland gives guidance on all of the above.
This guidance is based on his 20+ years of recruitment experience.

Understanding all of the above allows for a targeted and quick search and makes certain that our candidate screening gets the information needed to allow us to decide whether or not to short-list the candidate for your review.

The services offered to find the candidate :

The 2 recruitment services for Permanent and Temporary Recruitment offered by George Buckland is :

  1. Contingency Recruitment (“No win No Fee”)
    A search and selection service based on :

    • Search of candidate database :
      This is constantly maintained and replenished by George Buckland’s team of Candidate Researchers applying a mix of direct advertising, social media, networking, referrals from existing candidates, and making sure registered active candidates are contacted regularly.
  2. Executive Search (Payable in stages with a payment upfront)
    An exclusive arrangement based on : 

    • Pro-Active Head-Hunting to candidates not registered with George Buckland  :
      This involves researching the market to identify organisations likely to employ the required candidate skill set; drawing up a long-list of potential candidates in the organisations; creating and targeting the short-list.

How much are the fees :

Permanent Jobs :
An Introduction Fee based upon a percentage of the Candidates Gross Annual Salary.
The percentage is agreed during the briefing process based on many factors such as urgency required,  complexity of the job vacancy, whether or not other recruitment agencies are briefed, volume of business given to George Buckland Ltd.

Temporary Jobs :

A mark-up on the cost of providing the Temporary Worker – for example when engaging a Temporary Worker there is additional costs to the Agency such as National Insurance, Holiday Pay, and Pension contributions.
The percentage mark-up varies according to factors such as length of the Temporary Job, and volume if business given to George Buckland Ltd.

Time taken to hire :

As you might imagine there is no easy answer to this because it all depends on the nature of the Job Vacancy however as a general rule it takes 3 to 4 weeks from briefing to acceptance of offer in most cases of Permanent Job Vacancies. In respect of Temporary Job Vacancies we aim to provide a Candidate within 4 to 8 hours of the briefing.

The candidate screening process is as follows :

  • Phone Screens to gain a broad understanding of potential fit and interest
  • Face to Face interview capturing :
    • Track record of positions held
    • Comptencies demonstrated
    • Past experiences
    • Key Achievements
    • Motivations
    • Aspirations
    • Personal Development Aims
    • Workplace Culture Behaviours
  • Understanding any post-employment contractual restrictions
  • Making certain that Legal Right to Work Requirements are met
  • Referencing of previous employers if requested

The offer and negotiation :

Usually this is handled directly by George Buckland however in some cases the potential Employer prefers to liaise with the candidate directly. In either case George Buckland can give guidance based on his experience and understanding of the market.