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As a Life Sciences Recruitment agent since 2010 George Buckland offers Job Seekers and Employers a quality recruitment service based on knowledge & experience.
Life Sciences Recruitment encompasses many jobs and many types of business.

Examples of the types of organisations for which George Buckland is proud to recruit include :

  • Medical Communication & Medical Education agencies
  • Pharmaceutical & BioTech firms
  • Medical Device manufacturers
  • Clinical Research & Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CROs & CMOs)
  • Healthcare Data & Health Informatics providers
  • Digital Healthcare firms (MedTech, HealthTech, & BioTech)
  • Private Healthcare providers operating Private Hospitals & Clinics
  • Private Medical Insurance providers
  • Healthcare Regulatory organisations
  • Medical Societies
  • Healthcare Charities
  • Medical Publishing
  • Healthcare Advertising agencies
  • Healthcare PR agencies
The Life Sciences Recruitment service, offered by George Buckland, reaches all job functions, from clinical through to marketing.

George Buckland works with job seekers at all levels of experience and is proud to have represented many job seekers throughout their careers.

The fact that George Buckland has helped job seekers throughout their careers is evidence of the quality of service offered to job seekers.

Many of the Employers (clients) working with George Buckland to hire Life Sciences talent have been clients since George established the agency in 2010.

This longevity of client relationship is evidence of the trust that employers place in George Buckland.

This trust that Employers have in George Buckland as a recruiter is due to the care taken to understand the Employer’s business.

Understanding an Employer’s business from an operations and work-culture perspective is what George Buckland spends a lot of time getting right.

Because it is only when the Employer’s business is understood fully can the right job seeker be found to meet the hiring needs of the Employer.

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