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George Buckland has been helping companies hire Life Sciences talent since 2010.

As an Employer, you can be confident that you’re instructing a knowledgable quality recruiter.

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Talent ecosystem – built since 2010.

Since starting business in 2010 George Buckland has cultivated a wonderfully broad network of Life Sciences professionals.

The creating of this network is a result of the quality service George Buckland gives to Job Seekers and employers looking to hire Life Sciences Talent.

It’s this talent ecosystem that makes instructing George Buckland Recruitment the right step.

This network means that your vacancy has a wide distribution via George Buckland’s peer network.

Peer networks are crucial in attracting Talent.

George Buckland’s network is happy to recommend potential talent because the network knows that anyone engaging with George Buckland has a positive, quality, and beneficial experience.

As well as building a network through Job Seekers and Employers, George Buckland engages with professionals across the Life Sciences industry via events, social media, and industry publications.

Inch wide mile deep

George Buckland helps you hire Life Sciences talent at all levels of experience and for all functions.

Life Sciences is the specialism that George Buckland focusses on and not one type of job function.

This inch wide mile deep approach allows George Buckland to meet all of your hiring requirements.

It’s getting to know your business, from an operations angle as well as a cultural angle, that helps get the Talent Fit right.

George Buckland gets to know your business very well indeed.

Therefore George Buckland is best placed to meet all of your needs to hiring needs.

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