Associate Medical Writer £28.5k

Associate Medical Writer. PhD entry job.

Associate Medical Writer 

If you’ve a PhD  in the biomedical life sciences, and you have an interest in communicating scientific & clinical data to help improve patient outcomes, you should read more about this job vacancy.

Candidate Criteria. Associate Medical Writer, London

  • It is essential that you have completed a PhD in the biomedical life sciences
  • An interest in the commercial aspects of the pharmaceutical industry is required because as a medical writer you are helping a pharmaceutical company get its drug into the healthcare market
  • Because you’re writing for a varied readership, from scientists to nurses you should be able to show evidence of your interest in communicating clinical & scientific data to a non-specialist audience; perhaps you have presented at a conference or you’ve participated in a science communication activity outside of your lab studies
  • One of the big advantages of working in a medical communications agency is that you develop materials for a range of therapy areas and therefore you must show an interest in researching & writing across a variety of diseases – in other words applying your scientific understanding outside of your main area of study when required to do so
  • Medical Communications outputs are driven by project deadlines and therefore you should demonstrate good project management skills
  • This is client service environment. The demands of the Pharmaceutical company client can change, and as such you need to have the the ability to adjust to changing demands quickly & calmly 
  • You must already hold the Right to work in the UK because employer sponsorship is not possible


What is the job function of a Associate Medical Writer ?

You’re accountable for writing the Deliverables which get the results of a clinical trial study in front of Payers, and Prescribers.

What is a Payer & Prescriber ?

Payer is the organisation which is responsible for the allocating of expenditure for the purchase of drugs; for example a Payer might be a national government body deciding its budget priorities for its health service provision.

Prescriber includes a General Practitioner (GP), Nurse, Pharmacist, or other HealthCare Professionals.

Pharma. & BioTech Companies therefore want to educate, inform, and influence Payers & Prescribers so that the drug which they have created is purchased and prescribed to patients.

Commonly the 3 objectives of the Deliverables which you write are : 
  1. Educate about a particular disease, for example this could be a Rare Disease, a new Disease, or new data about a well known condition
  2. Inform about the effectiveness /efficacy of current treatment options available for their patients
  3. Raise awareness of what the clinical trial data shows and why it could provide improvements in patient outcomes
It is your role, as Medical Writer, to help achieve the above objectives by writing Deliverables such as :
  • primary manuscripts for submission to medical journals
  • secondary publications such as review articles
  • conference abstracts for submission to medical conferences
  • oral presentation materials such as a slide deck which communicates the core messages of the clinical research
  • scientific posters for presentation at scientific congress or medical society meetings

In addition to drafting the above Deliverables you will conduct background literature research, carry out a a literature gap analysis, and research journals to identify the best journal for the particular target readership.  This research helps to guide the publishing plan.

Therefore the work of a medical writer is interesting and varied. The job requires the ability to explain complex data to specialist and non-specialist audiences.


About the Employer :

The Employer is a Medical Communications Agency – think of it as a public relations & marketing agency whose clients are Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies.

Working for this particular Medical Communications Agency is intellectually stimulating and highly fulfilling because :
  • They’re the biggest healthcare communications agency on the planet which therefore means you benefit from super opportunities for career development 
  • You get a personal structured training & career development plan which includes an in-house learning academy whereby you learn in a classroom setting alongside your colleagues
  • The clients of this medical communications agency are the worlds’ Top 20 Pharmaceutical firms and as such you’ll be writing Deliverables which communicates highly complex cutting edge clinical research which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes 
  • Teamwork is key to your success in this job. You get to collaborate with a multi-national group of colleagues – in the London office, as well as in the companies overseas offices. Moreover you engage with graphic & powerpoint designers, project managers, and editors  – all of whom make sure that your conference presentations are eye-catching.
  • You get to work in a beautiful stunning office located in the heart of London. 

Associate Medical Writer – Remuneration & benefits 

  • Starting salary is £28,500 per annum 
  • Annual incentive bonus (the better you perform the higher your bonus will be)
  • Salary review every year with increase based on how well you perform in your role
  • Discretionary “on the spot” bonus which your line manager awards as a reward if you make a special contribution 
  • 25 days paid annual holiday entitlement (this increases to 28 days in your second year)
  • Generous Pension scheme

How to Apply :

This is an immediately available vacancy.

Send your CV Now.

Start your career as a Associate Medical Writer at the world’s largest healthcare communications agency.

Note  : Interviews During Covid19 LockDown

Because of the current Social Distancing guidance, implemented because of the Covid19 Epidemic, you will attend a series of video interviews. It is not necessary for you to attend an in-person interview in order to receive an offer of employment.



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