Senior Medical Copywriter £45-55k

Senior Medical Copywriter
Healthcare Communications Agency

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Senior Medical CopyWriter

Engaged medics = Better Patient outcomes

Engage Medics & Patients:

  • Positioning the Brand. You’ll work with your client’s brand managers on Brand Positioning. You’ll nail how your clients’ brand differs from competitor healthcare brands. You’ll craft a Positioning Statement which makes your client’s brand resonate with prescribers and patients.
  • Creating the Communications Strategy. Your strategy will make sure that the target audience is, targeted as brilliantly as your client’s drug targets the patient’s illness.
  • Messaging. You have the  Brand in Position and Communications Strategy ready. Therefore you can now get cracking with writing copy for all the communications deliverable. You’ll make sure that the tone of voice is just right for anything from Print Collateral to Animations.

Senior Medical CopyWriter – Candidate Criteria

  • Life Science degree is essential because you need to understand scientific and medical  terminology in order to position a brand, and create messages which resonate with prescribers and patients.
  • Experience of working in a healthcare communications agency is necessary, This is so that you know how an agency works to meet the needs of pharmaceutical clients across multiple projects, especially when it comes to challenging a client’s brief and presenting proposals.
  • As an experienced medical copywriter you’ll be aware that the marketing of healthcare products means working within strict regulatory guidelines and therefore you’ll need to have a knowledge of the regulatory codes such as ABPI
  • As a Senior Medical Copywriter you’ll be asked by junior medical copywriters for advice and therefore it’s preferable that you are interested in being a mentor to juniors

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Positioning Statement of the Employer offering this vacancy

It cares about you, patients. and the planet.

It puts its words into action by offering an environment that gives you autonomy, keeps patients at the heart of what they do, and offers a helpful selection of environmentally friendly benefits so that you can help the planet.

Cares about You  :
Autonomy – defn “freedom of self-determination, independence”

Because the employer is an owner-managed agency it has an independence of spirit. The directors want you to bring fresh thinking as to how the agency evolves for the good of its clients and its staff. The directors will take a risk on an idea – they can take it for a spin and see if it works – if it spins and works then great – if not – oh well at least it was tried. So here you’re encouraged to speak up, to stretch your creative muscles, and max out your biomedical lexicon.

Fulfilling – defn “satisfying”

You’ll find a wide range of projects available and this means therefore that you you’ll find one which fulfils you – whether that be fulfillment because of the disease area, or fulfillment because of the nature of the deliverables.

Teamwork – defn “harmonious working”

Absolutely crucial to the success of this Healthcare Communications Agency is its collaborative ethos. A happy team means the client will get top results and therefore the patient benefits. On a day to day basis you’ll work closely with colleagues in client services, creative, and digital. Moreover, social activities are plentiful at this agency. As one of the best ever brand messages says, life is about Work, Rest and Play and therefore relaxing away from the desk at a quiz night or getting together for a paid day off at a community volunteering activity, is all part of teamwork.

Remuneration – defn “to reward”

Financial, physical & mental health makes for a happy you. It’s all covered here :

  • Basic salary range is £45-55k (determined by your experience level)
  • Annual bonus scheme
  • Up to 30 days paid leave
  • Climate Perks allowing for extra days off for non-flying travel
  • Excellent employer pension scheme
  • Medical Insurance which includes dental & optical cover
  • Gym membership
  • Enhanced maternity and paternity leave
  • Flexible working commitment
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme
Location & Working Pattern :

The agency is located in Central London, however you can choose where you prefer to work. For example you may wish to work some of the week in the office and some of the week from home, or you may prefer to work 100% remotely. The choice is yours

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Cares about Patients :

Every member of the circa 100 staff at this agency is driven to do what they do because of the knowledge that the deliverables that are created, will help improve a patients live. Therefore you’ll work with medical writers, data visualisers, designers, digital strategists, and account managers to make sure that your Patients get to know about how your client’s brand is the best treatment choice.

Cares about The Planet :

We all want to do the best for our environment, however it’s not always easy to make an impact on our own. Joining this  healthcare communications agency means you are not alone in your efforts. The Agency puts its money where its mouth is by providing Climate Perks and moreover working toward a Climate Neutral office. Climate Perks means you get additional days off for journey times taken by boat, train, or coach (rather than flying). After-all some studies show that high levels of pollution increase the risk of certain diseases and therefore caring for the planet means caring for patients and caring for you – which is a lovely point to end on.

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The internal job reference for this vacancy is GB917

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