Malaria Charity. Senior Writer. circa.£45k.

Non-Profit & Medical Affairs Account.
Malaria Charity – Senior Writer

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Charity begins with your pen.

Yes,indeed, you’ll be the lead writer for a Non-Profit organisation.

Malaria Charity – Senior Writer

The aim of the medical charity is to eradicate Malaria.

The objectives of your written materials include building advocacy, encouraging donations, as well as developing funding applications.

Examples of material you write, for the Malaria Charity include:
  • Advocacy Engagement Materials. Advocates are essential in spreading the word of the charity’s work. Moreover advocates often become financial donors and further they encourage others to donate. Therefore writing effective advocacy materials is essential to encouraging philanthropy and as such is the writing of advocacy materials is crucial to the success of this Non-Profit medical organisation.
  • Donor Reports providing insights into the positive impact the charity’s work is having in its mission to eradicate malaria. These report are an essential communication tool in the engagement and retention of existing donors.
  • Funding applications such as annual applications for research funding. In addition you will support the development of applications for Ad Hoc Infectious Diseases Research Grants.

Creating the above materials requires the ability to create a story – in other words a narrative which gets across how the organisation’s work is contributing to scientific advances in Malaria research as wells as how the charity’s work is having a direct beneficial impact to those peoples whose lives affected by Malaria. Moreover you will find yourself liaising with global researchers and other stakeholders who are working in the field of Infectious Diseases and Malaria eradication.

In addition to the above :

Half of your time as Senior Medical Writer is spent writing traditional medical communication and medical education materials.
The deliverables here include content for scientific meetings, digital content, eLearning programmes, and materials for publication via peer review journals.

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What makes a Senior Writer :

The ability to lead complex writing tasks through translating strategy into editorial objectives, project managing the delivery of deliverables, and communicating with multiple scientific and other stakeholders. Further, you participate in client meetings so as to understand the client’s strategic goals which will drive your editorial plan. Moreover you will support junior writers through mentoring and assisting in the review of their work. Last, however by no means least, you lead on the science in the area of Malaria and other Infectious Diseases and therefore you provide insights and guidance to clients, as well as to colleagues.

 Malaria Charity – Senior Writer – Application Criteria

  • A scientific understanding of infectious diseases, parasitology, or malaria
  • Experience of writing funding applications, including ad hoc research grants
  • Ability to write impactful narrative which engages advocates and donors in the work of  a non profit infectious diseases organisation   
  • Experience of writing commercial medical communication materials
  • Excellent communication skills so as to liaise with global researchers and stakeholders
  • Experience of working within a Medical Communication Agency experience or experience of working at a pharmaceutical company in Medical Affairs, Medical Information, or Brand and Marketing
  • Higher level life science education such as MSc or PhD
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About the Employer:

Simply put – it’s a big player in the business of healthcare communications. In fact, it’s pretty much one of the largest communications agencies on the planet. Therefore this means that you get to benefit from what can only be described as unrivalled career & personal development opportunities.

A key benefit of this large agency is that you have a terrific internal support structure. This includes an internal training academy which enables online and in person learning (when safe again).  Other support includes a digital team, a presentations team, and a meetings team to handle the logistics of virtual and live meetings. This means you and your team operate with plenty of resources which therefore enables you to focus on the scientific narrative, and thereby deliver the best in class work.

Currently the entire company is improving the lives of patients and those at risk of infectious diseases from kitchen tables at home. However as the UK eases out of lockdown you’ll have the opportunity to work from offices in Central London. Of course flexible working is fully supported which allows you to have a mixture of remote & office based working, and further you have the option of flexible start & finish times.

Covid Secure Recruiting :

Interviews are carried out via video conferences. An offer is made without the necessity of an
in-person meeting.  Therefore do not delay in making your application.

Job Reference : GB313

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