Head of Insights & Analytics at The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN)

Create and manage the implementation of a Healthcare Data Insights and Analytics strategy.

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We’re pleased to partner with The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) in order to lead the search & selection of candidates for the job vacancy of Head of Insights & Analytics.

Head of Insights & Analytics – The Purpose of the Role :

  • Create PHIN’s Data Insights and Analytics strategy
  • Build a small Data Insights team of Analysts, Data Scientists. and/or Statisticians
  • Take responsibility for the internal Business Intelligence (BI) roadmap

This is an ideal opportunity for a healthcare data professional who has a track record of delivering data and data analytics projects.

About The Private Healthcare Information Network :

The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) is the independent, government-mandated source of information on private healthcare in the UK. PHIN believes that transparency and better information enables people to make more informed healthcare choices, and also helps hospitals and care professionals to improve care.

With a legal mandate from the Competition & Markets Authority PHIN produces and publishes information relating to the safety, quality and costs of private healthcare services. PHIN also provides data and insights back to the private healthcare sector so as to help drive improvement, and act as a positive voice for system change. PHIN influences how data is collected and how data is used for the benefit of patients. PHIN’s ambition is that all patients, who are considering private healthcare, have access to comprehensive, trustworthy information on quality and price.

PHIN’s main products are two websites, one public-facing and one oriented toward the private healthcare  industry for data quality assurance. PHIN process data on around 1 million episodes of care each year, received directly from hospitals and other sources. PHIN maintains thousands of stakeholder relationships and high standards of governance in all respects, including ISO27001 accreditation.

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Head of Insights & Analytics  – Key Objectives :

  • Ensure that PHIN  uses its unique data assets in order to understand more about private healthcare than any other organisation.
  • Make sure that PHIN has the information it needs so as to fulfil its role in promoting public understanding of private healthcare, consumer choice, and improved patient safety.
  • Make recommendations as to how PHIN can optimise the use of its data assets across its publication and communication channels
  • Develop a clear understanding of the information needs of PHIN’s stakeholders groups, including hospital providers, consultants, patients, insurers, and regulators
  • Create internal BI assets so as to allow for effective management of PHIN’s internal processes and excellence in the customer service that PHIN’s teams give to stakeholders and the public
  • Deliver presentations, reports, and case studies to PHIN’s wider personnel  so that they understand performance and outcome trends and so that key insights and learning is communicated
  • Implement a health data dictionary which defines data points, methods, and terminology and ensures that the definitions are applied consistently throughout PHIN. Moreover you’ll instil an organisation wide culture of data literacy.

Person Specification :

Essential Skills and Characteristics :
  • A strong understanding of healthcare data
  • Skilled in areas such as data mining, report building, and data visualisation 
  • Experience of working with multiple stakeholders in order to deliver healthcare data projects
  • You’ll be passionate about realising the value of healthcare data assets for the benefit of both patients and healthcare professional
  • Curious with a liking of intellectual challenges
  • Ambitious, determined, and self-motivated
  • Able to work with limited supervision within own area of responsibility
  • Ability to establish credibility with customers, colleagues, and stakeholder groups, including healthcare professionals and academics
  • Degree level qualification in a science / quantitative subject field
Desirable Skills :
  • Knowledge of statistics such as sampling, distributions etc.
  • Awareness of tools such as SQL, R, Stata, Python, Tableau, and Power BI
  • Experience in managing small, high performing teams

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Please note :

George Buckland Ltd is as an Employment Agency which is registered in England at Company Number 07263775.  George Buckland Ltd is PHIN’s sole recruitment partner. Therefore the team has an excellent understanding of PHIN’s culture and values. Please note that George Buckland Ltd is solely responsible for the search and selection of candidates. Therefore applications which are sent directly to PHIN shall be forwarded on to George Buckland Ltd for handling.

In order to learn more about PHIN please visit the website : https://www.phin.org.uk/ 

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