Healthcare Data Team Lead £75-90k London

Healthcare Data Team Lead.

Snapshot of Vacancy

As Healthcare Data Team Lead you will create the data, analytics, and insights strategy for a Healthcare Organisation.

Moreover, you will create a new internal team structure enabling Data Analysts, Health Economists, and Statisticians to implement your strategy. 

In addition you will have ownership of the company’s Internal Business Intelligence (BI) development.

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About the Employer :

A leading healthcare organisation which processes financial, operational, and clinical data relating to the healthcare provided by hospitals, clinics, and other such providers of healthcare services. The Data Insights are published for access by  patients, as well as by key decision makers in the healthcare industry. This means that patients can make informed decisions regarding their healthcare choices. And, it also means that healthcare providers can make informed clinical, operational, and financial decisions based on BI.

Candidate Criteria for Healthcare Data Team Lead :

  • Demonstrate experience of working with multiple stakeholders to deliver healthcare data projects.
  • You’ll be passionate about realising the value of Healthcare Data Assets for the benefit of both patients and healthcare professional.

Objectives for Healthcare Data Team Lead : 

  • Create the company’s Data and Analytics strategy so as to fully realise the value of its Healthcare Data Assets
  • Develop the company’s internal BI assets in order to support the company’s high standards of internal process and client service
  • Shape a new staffing structure to deliver the Data Strategy 
  • Be a Data Advocate meaning you’ll engage with  healthcare professionals and health managers in order to understand their information requirements and moreover to aid the understanding of the value which Business Intelligence gives to decisions regarding quality of care
  • Maintain awareness of innovative analytic techniques, including AI and machine learning, and implement such techniques so as to enhance the value of the company’s Healthcare Data Assets

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Summary :

This employer is a key company in realising the value of Healthcare Data Assets and therefore contributes to improvements in quality of care. You will report to the Chief Medical Officer. You will own the Data Strategy, Shape a Data Team, and drive the company’s internal BI development roadmap. Overall, it’’s a terrific executive level job at the heart of the UK’s Healthcare Data Industry.

Note :

For the avoidance of doubt GEORGE BUCKLAND LIMITED is an employment agency placing this advertisement on behalf of its client described above.

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