About Us

Medical & Regulatory Affairs.
Permanent and Interim (Contract) Positions.

I’m  Consistent, I’m Niche, and I’m Connected and as a result I decided to establish my Executive Search Agency in in 2010. I love Life Sciences Recruitment because it is exciting and satisfying to help Businesses and Candidates motivated to make diagnosis and treatment better each day. 

  • Having c. 20 years experience recruitment I’m a professional recruitment partner who delivers a Consistent Service.
  • Due to being Niche I am very well Connected meaning I deliver results quickly.

The Life Science companies I recruit into :

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Communication Agency (MedComms)
  • HealthCare Advertising Agency
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • BioTech
  • MedTech
  • Clinical Research Organisations (CRO)
  • HealthCare Insurance Companies
  • Market Access / Health Economics (HEMAR)
  • Adherence / Behaviour Consultancy.

Medical Affairs Jobs I recruit :

  • Medical Writing
  • Publications Management
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Science Liaison (MSLs)
  • Market Access Consultant
  • Brand / Product Marketing
  • Communications /  PR
  • Business Development

Regulatory Affairs Jobs I recruit :

  • Regulatory Writing
  • Drug Safety/QA,
  • Regulatory Affairs Officers
  • Pharmacovigilance Specialists

Locations where I recruit :

  • My office is located in Central London at 100 Pall Mall. My neighbour is The Royal Society.
    I recruit Worldwide.
    In the UK most of the Medical and Regulatory Affairs Jobs are in the South-East of the country – London. Cambridge, Oxford –  the Golden Triangle.
    In Europe Switzerland is a key location. Internationally most of my business is the New York and Boston-Cambridge MA.

How I work  :

As an Executive Search Agency I am contracted to carry out a proactive Candidate search and  present a shortlist for consideration.
This therefore means a considerable amount of time is spent working  to refine and create a detailed job brief and selection criteria – including discussions with the Human Resource Teams and the Senior Hiring Managers responsible for the interviewing and selection of shortlisted Candidates.
Furthermore I usually work on an exclusive basis and therefore I can assure a confidential and thorough screening process.
In conclusion my service  is  knowledgeable, consultative, and structured making certain I get the right candidate for the right company at the right time.

What a job brief captures :

  • Background to the decision to make the hire.
  • Value the Candidate is expected to bring to the position.
  • Reporting structure within the business
  • Mentoring available within the team
  • Management style within the team and the wider business
  • Training opportunity within the business.
  • Culture of the workplace
  • Personal development opportunity
  • Intellectual and other challenges offered
  • International and National travel required
  • Remuneration and Benefits package

The candidate screening process is as follows :

  • Phone Screens to gain a broad understanding of potential fit and interest
  • Face to Face interview capturing :
    • Track record of positions held
    • Abilities demonstrated
    • Past experiences
    • Key Achievements
    • Motivations
    • Aspirations
    • Personal Development Aims
    • Workplace Culture Behaviours
  • Understanding and Advising on post-employment contractual restrictions
  • Legal Right to Work Requirements
  • Referencing of previous employers

I shortlist Candidates and write a detailed Candidate Profile and in addition the Candidate maybe asked to write a supporting statement. If a Candidate is not shortlisted I will explain the reason.

Following presentation of my Shortlist a decision is made, by my Hiring Company Client, to interview the Candidates considered most noteworthy. In addition it is likely a presentation or writing test is requested.

The offer and negotiation :

I support in the formation of the terms and negotiation.